Botey Produccions de Diseño was founded in 1999 by Joan Botey and other partners, to offer a complete service in design, production and mounting of stands and decorations for events.

The company is settled in Barcelona and has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who can work in different fields of design (industrial, interiors and graphic), production and marketing as well as propose solutions based on creativity, technology and profitability.

We speak English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

From 2009, we are members of the Barcelona Convention Bureau.

Joan Botey

Joan Botey Alier, was born in Barcelona and is Industrial Designer by profession. He has formed at the Escola de Disseny Elisava and has completed the first cycle of the Escola Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès.
His professional experience began in some Architectural Offices (Bosch, Tarrús Vives), landscape (Beth Figueres) and with renowned industrial design teams (Ramon Benedito).
In 1990 he founded his own service company Bonavista Productions, reaching a large portfolio of clients in the private and public sector, focused on carry out projects of different areas. During this time, he collaborates with top designers and studios, lectures and teaching at the Escola Elisava and he published several studies such as “Ecodisseny de Parcs Infantils” fo the Generalitat de Catalunya.
In 1999, he founded Botey Produccions de Disseny with other partners, expanding its business in specialist areas such as ephemeral architecture for stand and events.
In 2009, he founded Caminal Equipaments with other partners, an industrial company of manufacturing outdoor furniture. Most of the designs shown are created by Joan botey.
Nowadays, he is the CEO and Creative Director of Botey Produccions de Disseny, S.L.